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Cruises in the Atlantic Islands is an association formed by the Port Authorities of Madeira, Cape VerdeLas Palmas and Santa Cruz de Tenerife to promote cruises in the ports of Funchal (Madeira), Arrecife (Lanzarote), Puerto del Rosario (Fuerteventura), Las Palmas (Gran Canaria), Mindelo (Sao Vicente), Praia (Santiago), Santa Cruz de La Palma (La Palma), San Sebastián de La Gomera (La Gomera), Los Cristianos (Tenerife), La Estaca (El Hierro) and Santa Cruz de Tenerife (Tenerife). 

Every year we attend with our own stand at Seatrade Cruise Global in USA, Seatrade Europe in Hamburg and Seatrade Cruise Med.

We work together in reports and surveys to improve our port facilities and to know our cruise passengers and crew latest needs.


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Seatrade Cruise Med in Lisbon (19-20 September 2018)  / Our stand is number 560

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Seatrade Cruise Global in Miami (8-11 April 2019) / Our stand is number 1415

Ports of Madeira

MADEIRA is not a mass tourist destination. 
Intead, tourism of excellent quality has been developed with care to ensure that the islands beauty is not lost for ever.
Funchal, the capital and the main port of the island, offers the ambiance of a small romantic town. Its wine is known throughout the world for its longevity and visitors can pass a most interesting day visiting the different wine lodges.

Only 20 miles north-east, with its golden sand beaches, times moves more slowly at the sleepy island of Porto Santo, wich is still virtually undiscovered.

Ports of Madeira

Gare Marítima da Madeira
Porto do Funchal · Pontinha
9004-518 Funchal · Madeira · Portugal
Tel.: (351 291) 208 600 · Fax: (351 291) 220 196








Ports of Las Palmas & Tenerife

Ports of Las Palmas

The extraordinary landscape of the mythical island LANZAROTE, with its three hundred volcanoes, has been classified by UNESCO as a World Biosphere Reserve. The nature here is unnerving. Each corner opens up views where nature itself has created wonders of architecture, such as Los Jameos del Agua or The
Cave of Los Verdes. The buidings created by the island´s inhabitants also show he meeting beetween nature and the art of Man.

GRAN CANARIA is know as the “Miniature Continent“, since in a short space of time, the visitor can travel from the dry landscape of the south, to the leafy greenness of the north, or the mountains at the heWart of the island. The south offers the atractive golden sand beaches of San Agustín, El Inglés and Maspalomas and charming, tiny harbours of fishing villages such as Puerto de Mogán, Puerto Rico and Pasito Blanco. The green farming area to the north
and centre of the island awaits you with its pretty country villages, proudly displaying their churches, local markets and craftwork. Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, the capital of the island and the largest city of the Archipielago, has a beautiful old quarter, Vegueta and Triana. The shopping centre offers a vast range of goods at very attractive prices.

The peaceful island, FUERTEVENTURA, stretches over the Atlantic like a magic desert, circled by warm, white sands and bathed by a sea of the deepest turqoise in the Archipielago. Puerto del Rosario is its capital, and on the opposite coast is Betancuria, the most significant historic site on the island. The chromatic splendour of the landscapes is dazzling as we encounter the Nature Park of Las Dunas de Corralejo. All the beaches breathe an air of absolute tranquility.


Ports of Las Palmas
Calle Tomás Quevedo Ramírez, s/n
35008 Las Palmas de Gran Canaria
Canary Island · Spain
Tel.: (34) 928 214 400 · Fax: (34) 928 214 422


Ports of Tenerife

As you travel through TENERIFE, the landscape undergoes sharp contrast: the heat-baked south with its awe-inspiring wildness or the green, fertile north. A network of motorways link Santa Cruz -the capital and the largest town- to the most important areas of the island. The city offers a wide range of attractive entertainment facilities and it is close to the La Laguna city, an Unesco World Heritage Site. Discover the beaches of Las Americas and Los Cristianos to
the south, Puerto de la Cruz to the north or climb one of the highest peaks in Europe, El Teide, an Unesco World Heritage Site. Which is a thousandyear old volcano that reaches a height of 3.718 m. and constitutes a panorama of incredible, out-ofthis world beauty.

LA GOMERA, a land of contrasts, is one of the most beautiful of the Canary Island. The capital is San Sebastián, a city abounding in historical an artistic monuments it was the Christopher Columbus last port before the America’s discover. Leaving the capital, you reach the Valley of Hermigua, a vast banana plantation al the foot of El Cedro mountain. From the lofty peak of Garajonay, a panorama of the whole island opens up, with deep valleys carpeted with thetrees of an extraordinady rain forest: the National Park of Garajonay, which protects luxuriant vegetation of unimaginable splendour and is Biosphere Reserve.

Lovers of nature will find their private paradise in LA PALMA, the whole island is a Biosphere Reserve. Its privileged climate and majestic beauty has given rise to the nickname “The Fair Island“ . La Caldera de Taburiente is a natural land crater -28,000 m. in circumference and over 700 m. deep- which has bred unique plant and animal life. The clear, limpid skies led to the International Scientific Community choosing the island as the site for one of most important Astrophysics Observatories in the Northern Hemisphere. A quaternary forest,“Los Tilos”, is found in the north of the island.

Considered as the end of the world in the ancient times, the point througth which the Meridian Zero passed up until 1883, when it was moved to Greenwich, EL HIERRO, the smallest and the most western of the Canary Islands, is a bastion of peace and quiet.
A land of contrast, with green forests, volcanic landscapes and features like El Sabinar, trees whose strange and twisted forms have been sculpted by winds. The best sea beds in the world that delight divers all year round are found here.

Ports of Tenerife
Avenida Francisco La Roche, 49
Edificio Junta del Puerto
38001 Santa Cruz de Tenerife · Canary Islands · Spain
Tel.: (34) 922 605 445 · Fax: (34) 9222 605 479




Ports of Cabo Verde

Blessed by the sun throughout the year, there is a ritual in music and in the culture that is part of the inhabitants’ daily routine, while involving the visitor in the incomparable mystique of the Archipelago. Only four hours away from Europe, the country enjoys a privileged location, political, social and economic stability, a reference on the African continent and beyond, which, combined with tranquility, makes it a destination not to be missed.

FALL IN LOVE with sandy beaches stretching as far as the eye can see… and warm waters. Beaches are a major tourist product in Cabo Verde. With a constant warm and dry climate, moderate by trade winds, the Archipelago has mild temperatures year-around, offering idealconditions for water sports, from surfing, windsurfing and kite surfing to diving, fishing and swimming. With seawater temperatures ranging between 22º and 25º and average air temperatures between 22º and 27º throughout the year, the beaches of Cabo Verde are true havens for sun and sea lovers. Almost all islands have beaches where visitors can enjoy the warm waters and unique beach experiences that the archipelago has to offer. 

FEEL The mystique of Cabo Verde Culture… and the magic of the music.
The possibility of interacting with the Cabo Verde an people and getting to know their habits and customs, through traditional festivals, carnival,
music, food, and handicrafts. Nostalgia, love, joys and sorrows provided the basis for the emergence of original musical genres and dances, which express the identity of the people of Cabo Verde and are part of the inhabitant´s daily life.

INDULGE in Authentic flavors… Rich, varied and tasty. That is one way to describe Cabo verdean cuisine, which offers many dishes, resulting from very different influences that came to the archipelago over the centuries. 

BE CAPTIVATED BY THE MORABEZA … A unique concept that you can only fell in Cabo Verde. Morabeza is a unique concept that cannot be translate or explained… you simply feel it! To visit Cabo Verde is to let yourself by enveloped by spontaneous smile, friendliness and kindness of its people. More than a concept, morabeza is an attitude towards life that reflects the natural predisposition of Cabo Verdeans to welcome visitors like nowhere else in the word. Let yourself be captivated by the joy and the friendliness of the local, keep in memory a unique experience and the desire to return.


Ports of Cabo Verde (ENAPOR)
Av. Marginal C.P. 82
Mindelo - S.Vicente - Cabo Verde
Tel.: (238) 23 07 500 · Fax: (238) 23 24 337